Adventures in a TV Nation

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Adventures in a TV Nation is a book by American author and film director Michael Moore and his producer and then-wife Kathleen Glynn.

It is a chronicle of Moore's series TV Nation, a 1994-95 newsmagazine show with humorous social commentary segments. In addition to covering the making of TV Nation and many of its segments, the book also discusses how Moore got a TV contract, the show's switch from NBC to the Fox network, and segments that never aired; it also includes an index of all the episodes.

The book was first published in paperback in 1998.


  1. Introduction
  2. Who Let This Show On The Air
  3. Love Night
  4. Invading the Beach at Greenwich, Connecticut
  5. Payback Time
  6. The Corp-Aid Concert
  7. Crackers, the Corporate Crime-Fighting Chicken
  8. The CEO Challenge
  9. Brian Anthony Harris Is Not Wanted
  10. Taxi
  11. Slaves
  12. A Day with Dr. Death
  13. Are You Prepared for Prison?
  14. I Want to Be an Argentinian
  15. Junk Mail
  16. Sabotage
  17. Yuri, Our TV Nation Spy
  18. Mike Missile
  19. Haulin' Communism
  20. The Johns of Justice
  21. With Neighbours Like These
  22. Health Care Olympics
  23. Cobb County
  24. Making Peace with Pizza
  25. We Hire Our Own Lobbyist
  26. Whiny White Guys
  27. The Censored TV Nation
  28. When All Is Said and Done


  • Adventures in a TV Nation, Michael Moore and Kathleen Glynn, Perennial, ISBN 0-06-098809-6

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