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This sandbox began with the material from Chilean coup of 1973 -- specifically, all of what's currently Section 2 ("Situation before the coup"). JamesMLane 08:57, 27 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Some specific points[edit]

Some points that arose along the way as I made this edit:

  • We shouldn't use terms like "ratify" or "confirm" concerning Congress's selection of Allende. It wasn't just a matter of Congress confirming a decision about who had won the election, the way the U.S. Supreme Court did in 2000. Congress had a perfect right to choose either of the two candidates.
  • The reference to inflation in the original text mentioned specifically the escudo. "Inflation" to me implies price increases, but I wasn't sure whether the 140% figure referred to price increases or to devaluation of the escudo. That should be clarified.
  • I changed the phrase " government-mandated price-fixing". To U.S. readers, at least, "price-fixing" has a strong connotation of something improper, and is usually applied to collusion among business leaders.

The main question to be addressed, of course, is how much detail should go into the description of the Allende years in the Chilean coup of 1973 article. JamesMLane 09:06, 27 Oct 2004 (UTC)

JamesMLane, I am not convinced. Please supply more proof. 04:00, 5 Nov 2004 (UTC)