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IF YOU HAVE COME HERE ABOUT SOME POLITICAL PARTY LOGO I UPDATED Go away. I don't want to hear about it. Do whatever you want with the image. When I uploaded it, it used proper copyright tags. Then wikipedia changed what the copyright tags were, and they are no longer up to date. I then updated most of the tags, only for wikipedia to, again, update the tags meaning they were, again, no longer up to date. I'm no longer interested in maintaining those images.

I ran for MLA in PEI and for City Council in Toronto.

I am a big Transit Fan, which is like a Railfan only for Transit.

I am Nick Boragina

I plan to make this page a bit better. I've been planning this since 2003.

edited to add

I've had comments before about my "ain't" and "MistEYk" being used in combo; which to some seems inconsistent. In short; if I make a mistake I did not catch, I don't care. Don't complain to me about it. However, if it really bothers you that much, you change it, as I also don't care about that.