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A jasagh (ᠵᠠᠰᠠᠭ засаг, or засаг ноён; lit. Power, Authority) was the head of a Mongol banner or khoshun during the Qing dynasty (1636-1911) and Mongolia Boghda Khanate. The term is rendered zhasake (札薩克) in contemporary Chinese documents. The position was held by hereditary succession by certain Mongol princes, most of whom were descendants of Genghis Khan. The princes who did not serve as Jasagh were known as sula (сул - empty vacant free, loose) or hohi taiji (хохь тайж).

List of jasaghs[edit]

Aohan League[edit]

Leaders of Aohan league held a title of the Prince of the Second Rank. Only the last jasagh was promoted to the Prince of the First Rank.

Date Jasagh Clan Background
1644 Sodnom Dügüreng (索諾木杜棱/索诺木杜棱; d. 1644) Borjigin Husband of Nurhaci's third daughter (Mangguji)
1644-1668 Majike (玛济克; d. 1647) Son of Sodnom Dugureng
1668-1674 Buda(布达) Brother of Majike
1674-1689 Samupile (萨木丕勒) Buda's son
1689-1690 Amin Dalai (阿敏达赉) Samupile's son
1690-1691 Ese Mongke (额色蒙克) Son of Amin Dalai
1691-1704 Dashendazha'er (达什达札尔) Younger brother of Ese Mongke
1704-1705 Waleda (瓦勒达) Son of Dashendazha'er
1705-1748 Elezhai (鄂勒斋) Brother of Waleda
1748-1779 Lashen Labudan (喇什剌布但 Son of Elezhai
1779-1805 Qimote Luwa (齐默特噜瓦) Son of Lashen Labudan
1805-1843 Gansabala (甘萨巴拉) Son of Qimote Luwa
1843-1870 Buyan Delegelie Gulukeqi (布彦徳格勒哷固鲁克齐) Son of Gansabula
1870-1906 Chakeda'erzhabu (察克达尔札布 Adopted son of Buyan Delegelie Gulukeji
1906-1933 Tsering Duanlubu (色凌端鲁布) Eldest son of Chakeda'erzhabu

Harqin league[edit]

Year Jasagh Clan Family background

Khorchin league[edit]

Jasagh of the Khorchin banner held a title of Prince Bodlogtoi of the First Rank. Some jasaghs made a huge contribution to the Qing Dynasty by settling a military merit. Leaders of Khorchin league also became prince consorts by the tradition of diplomatic marriages between Khorchin Mongols and Manchus

Year Jasagh Clan Family background
1636-1643 Donggor


1643-1664 Zhangjilun Father: Donggor
1664-1684 Budali Father: Zhangjilun
1684-1685 Zhaga'er Father: Budali
1685-1710 Daibu Father: Zhaga'er
1710-1716 Alabdan Father: Daibu


Luobozang Lashen Brother:Alabdan
1738-1782 Chimed Dorji Father:Luobuzang Lashen

Spouse: Princess Duanrou of the Second Rank, Yunlu's eldest daughter by lady Gorolo

1782-1783 Baljur Brother: Chimed Dorji
1783-1825 Sodnamudorji Father: Baljur

Spouse: Princess Zhuangjing of the Second Rank, Jiaqing Emperor's 3rd daughter by Imperial Noble Consort Heyu

1825-1865 Sengge Rinchen Father: Buhegeliger

Adopted father: Sodnamudorji

1865-1891 Boyanamohu Father: Sengge Rinchen

Spouse: Princess of the Third Rank, Zaiyuan's first daughter by primary consort (Nara)

1891-1917 Amur Linggui Father:Narsu

Grandfather: Boyanamohu

Another title held by the jasagh of the Khorchin banner was Prince Darhan of the First Rank. The lineage was more prestigious than previous one. Most holders of the title were prince consorts and relatives of Qing Dynasty most prominent imperial consorts.

Year Jasagh Clan Family background
1652-1665 Manzhuxili Borjigin Father: Jaisang

Mother: Boli

Sister: Harjol

Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang

1665-1669 Heta (和塔) Father: Manzhuxili
1671-1710 Bandi Father: Heta

Spouse: Gurun Princess Duanmin,

second daughter of Jidu

1710-1752 Luobozanggunbu Father: Bandi

Mother: Gurun Princess Duanmin

Spouse: Princess of the Third Rank, fifth daughter

of Fuquan, Prince Yu

1752-1755 Septeng Baljur Father:Luobozanggunbu

Spouse: Princess Hejing of the First Rank,

third daughter of Qianlong Emperor

1755-1773 Tsewang Norbu Brother: Septeng Baljur

Spouse: Princess of the Fourth Rank, sixth daughter

of Yunlu

1773-1798 Wangjal Dorji Father: Tsewang Norbu
1798-1808 Dancengwangbu Father: Wangjal Dorji
1808-1838 Buyanwen Durhu Father: Dancengwangbu
1838-1874 Sodnam Pengsuke Father: Buyanwen Durhu
1874-1884 Kunbu Wangjile Father: Sodnam Pengsuke
1884-1947 Namjilseleng Father: Kunbu Wangjile

Prince Zhuoliketu of the First Rank was one of the titles reserved for jasaghs of the Khorchin league

Year Jasagh Clan Family background
1636-1665 Wukeshan Borjigin Father : Jaisang

Sister: Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang,


1665-1667 Birtakhar Father: Wukeshan

Spouse: Princess Yongmu of the First Rank (Yatu)

1667-1682 Eqir Father: Birtakhar

Spouse: Dodo's eighth daughter

1682-1688 Duleba Father: Wukeshan
1688-1725 Batema Father: Duleba
1725-1737 Alatan Gehur Father:Batema
1727-1761 Zhamubale Zhamusu Father:Alatan Gehur
1761-1795 Gongge Labdan Father:Zhamubale Zhamusu
1795-1804 Lhawang Father:Gongge Labdan
1804-1826 Garsangdlonglob Father: Lhawang
1826-1861 Batu Father: Garsangdlonglob
1861-1891 Jikdeng Wangkur Father: Batu
1891-1894 Danselit Wangjur Father:Jikdeng Wangkur
1894-1906 Erdem Bilektu Father: Danselit Wangjur
1906-1919 Tsewang Duanlub Father: Erdem Bilektu
1919-1954 Hexiyeletu Morgen Father: Tsewang Duanlub

Khalkha league[edit]

Leaders of the Khalkha league held a title of the Prince of the First Rank. The title of Prince Darhan of the First Rank was demoted to the Prince of the Third Rank and subsequently recovered.

Year Jasagh Clan Family background
1653-1669 Batar

Sayin Noyan league[edit]

Sayin Noyan was a part of Khalkha valley. Jasagh of Sayin Noyan league held a title of Prince of the First Rank. Jasaghs of Sayin Noyan were treated like leaders of Khalkha league.

Year Jasagh Clan Family background