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UUU, Uuu, or UuU may refer to:

  • Uranium One (TSX: UUU, JSE: UUU), Canadian-based uranium mining company
  • UUU, or uracil uracil uracil, the RNA codon for phenylalanine
  • Unununium (Uuu), the former name of a chemical element now called Roentgenium (Rg)
  • WUUU-FM, a country music outlet based out of Franklinton, Louisiana
  • The Triple U Buffalo Ranch in Stanley county, South Dakota
  • UUU, the production code for the 1973–74 Doctor Who serial The Time Warrior

See also[edit]

  • You You You, an Alvin Stardust song
  • You, You, You, a popular song recorded by the Ames Brothers in 1953
  • Yuki Yuna Is a Hero, the Japanese anime series often abbreviated YuYuYu (奈は者である, ki na wa sha de Aru)